Baby Walker Jumper – Safety Features

Baby Walker Jumper is ideal for an infant up to 20 lbs. If your baby cannot walk or climb on the product, use only for a little child who can hold head up and unassisted. The frame of the baby walker jumper conveniently extends to aid the baby in her first steps.


Baby Walker Jumper

Baby Walker Jumper comes with four music options. Music is music clips from TV shows like “The Pink Panther” and from the movie “How the Grinch on Christmas”. The music helps your little girl learn to stand up and walk. Lights on baby walker jumper play soft sounds when your child moves and the music add excitement to your walk with your little girl.

Safety of Baby Walker

The safety of baby walker jumper is guaranteed. It is manufactured with a special material to ensure that it won’t fall from the baby’s hand. The frame of jumpers is also durable and easy to clean. It can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. However, if you want to disinfect jumper, do so before using it.

Removable Padded Shoulder Strap

Baby walker jumper features a removable padded shoulder strap that lets you easily adjust its strap to fit your infant’s shoulder length. This prevents sudden stops while walking. The shoulder strap also comes with a Velcro fastener to secure the strap to your baby. The sling of the jumper can be removed and washed easily. It comes with a two-year warranty on hardware and materials. In addition, the jumper is dishwasher safe.


1- Jumpers come in two sizes: Small and medium. Both jumpers feature a non-stretch waist for snug-fitting. Small jumpers have less legroom than their larger counterparts. Small jumpers are good for babies who can not walk yet. Medium-sized jumpers allow the baby to stretch its legs out and sit for a longer time.

2- Baby walker jumper comes with a variety of colours and fabrics. Choose the colour that matches your child’s bedroom, nursery or room decor. It also makes for an attractive centrepiece in the nursery.

3- With baby walker jumper, you don’t need to go looking for your child to get to the stairs for your toddler to make her first steps. A child of one year of age can make her first step without any help from her parents.

4- You can also have fun together walking with your child in your own walk. Baby walker jumper is the perfect companion for every walk.

5- This is also ideal for those with little mobility issues. A baby walker will allow them to move freely while they are walking. The shoulder strap of the jumper makes it easy for parents with limited physical abilities to carry their child around. It also makes it easier for parents to watch their toddlers walk.

6- There are other kinds of child walkers available in the market today. One of which is the Jump-A-Bounce, which provides a bounce to toddlers as they walk. The other type is the Quickstep, which provides children with a smooth ride.


There are different features that you can choose from baby walker jumper. The three-point seat allows your child to sit and recline to make their walk more comfortable. You can even have them sit with a parent for an evening.


When it comes to safety, the baby walker jumper comes with a safety belt that includes a shock absorber for sudden stops. The seat also features an anti-slip surface and an airbag to keep your child safe.


There are other features that you can enjoy from baby walker jumper, such as adjustable straps to allow you to change the baby’s seat position. Other features of the baby walker jumper include an adjustable harness and safety belt.

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